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The term “drywall” has its history in drywall’s replacement of the lath-and-plaster method of building walls, in which still-wet plaster was spread over wooden forms. The advent of drywall in the early 20th century sped up the process of building homes and other structures. <<<
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Q. I am installing bamboo flooring. I am wondering if it is ok to glue the floor down on the existing asbestos 1' square tiles that are on the subflooor. All tiles are down and flat. Removing them is taking up all of the old subfloor, laying plywood over the existing vinyl raises the floor too high. I have done a moisture test and the readings came out acceptable.
-erik, la jolla, ca
A. Hi Erik, You are absolutely on the right track. Yes, you can install the bamboo flooring over the 12" square tiles. In fact, it the ONLY way to go in this situation because you should never take out vinyl flooring that is backed with asbestos-containing adhesive. Disturbing the asbestos can be hazardous to your health. Just make sure that the vinyl flooring is very clean before you get started in order to achieve maximum adherence.
Q. Can I cover tiles with drywall?
-Pat Fairlie, Perth, Country-Scotland
A. Hi Pat, Yes, absolutely, you can cover tiles with drywall. Make sure to completely clean the tiles and grout first to prevent any mold issues. Although you could use a 3/8" thickness drywall (since you are covering an existing wall), I recommend the 5/8" for greater heartiness.
Q. Given their different characteristics; is it possible to join drywall and plywood without seam problems down the road?
-Jim, Chicago, IL
A. Hi Jim, Yes, you can definitely use these two materials together. Make sure to tape the seams, then apply drywall joint compound ("mud") and sand to uniform smoothness. You may also wish to skim coat the plywood from the outset in order to bring its texture closer to that of the drywall.
Q. Have you ever heard the term "relieving the drywall". An interior trim guy used the term when I showed him the window/drywall junction. Windows not installed 1/2" past interior framing like they should have been. Therefore the window frame is 1/4" or so shy of being flush with the drywall. He says "Oh we'll just 'relieve' the drywall at these locations" to make the window trim fit correctly.
-J. Mcclendon, lanett, AL
A. While I haven't heard that term specifically, let me tell you what I think is going on. In this case, the window installer may have shimmed the window from the center, rather than underneath the mainframe jambs. This can cause the window to improperly settle within a few weeks. Hence, your drywaller needs to cut a larger opening for the window -- in his terms, "relieving" the drywall.
Q. I am re-doing my basement. The last guy had dark brown wainskoting(sp) on the bottom half of the walls and stucco on the top half. I have removed both. Now I have drywall which I want to cover up with new drywall because it would be to much work to fill in all of the damage left from the removal. Is there anything I should do to the existing wall before I apply new sheets to it. Keep in mind that it is insulated and wrapped in poly. Thanks Rob
-Rob, Calgary, Alberta
A. Hi Rob, It sounds like the hardest part of the job is done! Without the poly cover, you could definitely apply the second sheet of drywall to the first (I like "Grabber" adhesive for a job like this). In this case, though, my recommendation is to pull the existing drywall -- the poly sheath can trap moisture and lead to mold problems. As long as you are installing the new drywall, why not begin with a clean slate?
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