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Q. How do i remove the black adhesive underneath old tile in order to install ceramic tile
-barry Reiswig, Odessa, TX
A. There is a possibility you are dealing with an asbestos adhesive agent. This is a thick hard adhesive and removal is a very dangerous and tricky project. Many states require this type of adhesive to be removed by certified professionals only and under very specific guidlines to ensure the safety of those involved. I would recommend that you seek professional help in dealing with this as it may be a hazardous material. If you would like assistance in finding professionals in your area you can reach us at 888-326-0653 opt #1.
Q. Is it better to buy unsealed Saltillo tile, wash with a garden hose and set them while damp or buy presealed Saltillo and wipe the bottom of each tile with a damp sponge before setting?
-Dennis Bradbury, Knoxville, Tn.
A. The issue with Saltillo tile is that it has the tendancy to stain easily with the grout that is being used and it is not recommended that a do it yourselfer lay the tile. If you are set to do it though I would recommend you soak the tile and set it. Then once dry, seal it and apply the grout after the sealant is done. This will prevent the grout from sticking to the tile. After the grout is set you can then apply sealant over both tile and grout for added protection. Though with all this information I would still recommend professional instalation. If you would like help with finding a professional please feel fre to call us at 888-326-0653 opt #1.
Q. We are converting half of our 2 car garage into an all purpose room. The garage door will be replaced with a walk in door and a 28"X36" window. The concrete floor will need to be covered with the height of a 2"X4" subfloor to meet existing house flooring. My question is - what insulation or vapor barrier do we need over the existing concrete garage floor to eliminate moisture or cold seepage?
-Janet, Sarnia, ONTARIO
A. Hi Janet, An epoxy-based concrete coating may be just the solution you need. (I would recommend combining that with using a dehumidifier to prevent moisture buildup.) I like the coating/sealant options available from www.excellentcoatings.com. Also, be sure to check with your city or town concerning building codes that relate to converting a garage to an all-purpose room.
Q. How do you pick the right flooring style and color?
-Laura Ivancovich, San Jose, California
A. Hi Laura, Choosing the type, style and color of flooring for a room -- or an entire house, for that matter -- is an exciting venture. My recommendation is to begin with considering the use of the room: is it a living room with moderate traffic, a rec room filled with active children, a bath to which you would like to impart a sense of a relaxing spa, a master bedroom in which you'd like to create a romantic theme, or something else entirely? Next, consider your personal options in terms of cost, maintenance, and special interests such as "green" or eco-friendly flooring options (in that realm, both cork and bamboo flooring are very hot right now!). Still another factor to think about is the current flooring: will it need to be removed or can it be covered with the new surface? Begin with the most highly trafficked area: this is where you will get the most return for your investment. Think about the factors above as starting points, then branch out a bit to colors and textures. The flooring style should accentuate but not overpower your own style. For example, if you like a "cottage" look, go with a soft white tile floor that will fill out the space gently, rounding out the feel of the entire room. Or, if you are working with a more spartan, modern feel, you might want to look into granite flooring or even cement -- yes, cement! Today's finishes and textures are awe-inspiring. The possibilities are endless.
Q. Can I click together a laminate tile with cork floating tile to install in my family room? I want to create my own design.
-mel, pasadena, ca
A. Hello Mel, Absolutely yes! There is no reason to NOT create your own design by mixing laminate and cork tiles. Here are a few helpful hints: make sure that the base surface is level... the weight of the two types of tile is different so you will want them to sit on an even, level surface. Next, think about sealants and finishing options. You can find pre-finished cork tiles from www.corkfloor.com. Both cork and laminate tiles are available in "floating" (non-adhesive) styles; the only prerequisite for both is, as I mentioned above, a level surface... so if you are considering covering a carpeted surface you will first need to remove the carpet. Enjoy your unique design!
Q. Hello, Could you please advise me what flooring options I have in outdoor games room (it is under cover, completely weather proof). It is paved and at the moment it is covered using carpet tiles. Would rubber flooring be suitable? Thanks Michelle
-Michelle, Perth, WA
A. Hi Michelle, Rubber flooring is an awesome choice! I like the selection available from www.rubbercal.com -- especially the "coin grip" style. Other options include modular, interlocking slate or granite, which are easy to install and hardy.
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