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Consumer Testimonials
 Our customers love EveryContractor! We are delighted to share some of the many positive letters and emails from customers thanking us for putting their needs first.
Consumer Testimonials
At EveryContractor, our goal is to make finding a qualified, pre-screened professional easy, fast and free.
We work hard to meet that goal by:
  1. Maintaining a database of more than 30,000 pre-screened service professionals;
  2. Working with you to establish the timeframe, budget and style of professional that works best for you; and
  3. Following through with old-fashioned courtesy that is all too rare in today’s high-speed world: we’ll call you to make sure that your experience with the contractor was everything that you expected.

Our customers, or “consumers,” include homeowners, renters, property managers, insurance companies, real estate agents and commercial builders. Whether you need your bathroom tile re-grouted or are building a skyscraper, every contact that we have with you is important to us. Here is what some of our customers have to say about their satisfaction with the EveryContractor experience:

Our Customers
I came from work and found that my water heater broke and water was all over the house. I picked up the phone book and after trying to reach several plumbers, to no avail, I asked my neighbor to help. He was in the construction industry, He told me about Everycontractor.com and all I needed to was call 1-877—4EVERYPRO. Within 30 minutes I had three qualified plumbers call me that could solve my problem. I chose one of them and I am very pleased with the results.
J. Dickinson, Home Owner
J. Dickinson
I was terrified at the challenge of finding a reputable and professional flooring contractor for our home. Being new in town and not having the contacts we needed, it was great news when someone told us about Everycontractor.com. One phone call to your company and I was set. I had several companies contact me and before long I had a very reputable and professional flooring contractor at my home installing the flooring I wanted and at a price that was perfect.
M. Sorenson, Home Owner
M. Sorenson
We are working with on the 3 contractors now and have been very satisfied with your service! We will definitely use you again!

Thank you. We’ve been contacted by two builders that seem qualified and helpful and have scheduled apts for next week.

thanks again
to: Everycontractor

Thanks for your quick reply. Thank you for helping me find a contractor in Houston, James Jasper who does work with the VA bid/proposal system…seems really nice and has been in business for 20 years. James did tell me that the work my client wants doesn’t qualify for the VA grant since it is more finishing work and not disability adaptation remodeling…but if we need, he can bid the work for private pay.

Again, thanks for your help. I am glad I found your website and will use it in the future.

Donna Moran, RN, MSN
Care Manager
Donna Moran
WOW! Great work… Everycontractor.com gave me the HVAC contractor I needed, the day I needed it! I will be using you in the future, what a doll you are!

Alana Peck
Business Development Coordinator
Phn 661-282-7700
Fax 661-282-7705
Alana Peck
I think for now just caulking contractors will do. I appreciate your help, it is often difficult to come into a new city and find quality help. The sooner they contact me the better. Once again, contact Josh Yeary at Fre Resources: Phone #: 513.421.1900
Fax#: 513.421.1906 Email: jyeary@freresources.com

Thanks again
Josh Yeary
I think we now have the location of the house correct in the Travers City, Michigan area. I received a call this evening from a qualified wall board/painting contractor I will add him to my bid list. I have always had trouble finking subs in areas outside my city. Thanks, Rich Andersen
Rich Andersen  from Traverse City, MI
To Whom It May Concern:

Just words of thanks for helping us locate a general contractor to perform routine maintenance at our warehouse locations.
In particular, Hank Pokmkiel of your company was especially helpful. Hank’s customer service skills and follow up are top notch.
We were very happy with the service your company provided.

Thanks again.
The Washington Post  from Washington, DC
“WOW! Great work… Everycontractor.com gave me the HVAC contractors I needed, the day I needed them! I will be using Everycontractor.com again in the future!”
Alana P., Business Development Coordinator
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