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Definition - Kitchen Remodel:

To make over in structure or style, to reconstruct or give a different shape to a room equipped for preparing and cooking food. The process of upgrading kitchen cabinets, floors, lighting, and other fixtures which usually requires the help of a professional contractor (and or designer). Also can include the installation of a a sink, and new appliances while adding square footage.


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Major Kitchen Construction - Cosmetic Remodel:
Are you sick of your kitchen floor plan?  Would you like a new kitchen table?  If you have a small kitchen then you should really consider updating the layout and utilizing all the space available.  Maybe you could install a kitchen island, or remove some furniture that you never use (like the bookshelf that takes up space).  Just be sure to plan your kitchen around the famous "triangle" - the working area that includes the fridge, sink, and stove.  For those of you that want a more drastic change, maybe you should consider some new furniture.  In a small kitchen you might consider replacing the "classic" dinner table with a modern center island.  On the other hand if you actually use the dinner table then maybe you can buy a new one.  Sometimes we get so focused on what we want that we lose sight of the simple solutions. 

Throwing away a trash can, replacing an old table, and buying a new area rug can quickly change a kitchen, and all for under $500.  Get creative - it's worth it.

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