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EveryContractor connects millions of residential and commercial customers with the highest quality professional service providers in the industry.

Founded in 1998 with the vision of providing personalized service and careful follow-through in every interaction, EveryContractor combines state-of-the-art technology with old-fashioned courtesy to make your contractor experience a pleasant and productive one.

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Our professionals work for you. The Everycontractor matching service is a very simple three step process where you simply fill in the project details to the left, describe your project needs and your contact info.

Our project coordination professionals will contact you to discuss your project with you in order to gather the necessary information to match you to the most qualified contractor in your area.

We will then pass your information to the most qualified professional for your project. Based on how many quotes you request, we will have one or more contractors contact you about your project.


Definition - Architect or Engineer:

A licensed individual who heads a design team in the planning and designing of buildings (or houses). An architect makes important decisions that affect the safety and well being of the general public, which is why they are required to obtain specialized education. Architects spend a lot of time in their office, but they do visit job sites to meet with clients and depending on the project deadlines they might work evenings, weekends, or even all nighters. They also deal with government jurisdictions, regulations, and building codes, while preparing technical documents (building permits, development permits, and construction drawings).

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Are you thinking about building a new house, or maybe just adding on an addition?  Before you do anything we strongly  advise you to consult with a professional - which will allow you to research pricing, city requirements, and any other important details.  Planning an addition or building a new home can be very labor intensive (and expensive), but the biggest challenge is abiding by all the rules in your local city.


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