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Describe the problem(s)
No power to outlet or switch No power to fixture
No power to building Dimming lights
Static interference on radio or TV Tripping circuit breakers/short
Power fluctuations
What electrical fixture(s) do you need installed or repaired? (Check all that apply)
Fluorescent lights Can lights
Doorbell Low voltage lights
Vanity lights Under cabinet lighting
Pendant light Exterior spotlight
Landscape lighting, low voltage Chandelier
Ceiling Fan Bath Fan
Attic exhaust fan Porcelain socket
Thermostat Electric water heater
Telephone/modem line - interior wiring only Wall sconce
What areas will the work be done in?
Kitchen Living or dining room
Family room Bathroom
Bedroom Office
Closet Basement
What services do you need for installs and replacements? (Check all that apply)
Install a new fixture Install as part of a remodel or addition
GFI upgrade Install an additional a wall switch or outlet
Install an additional or move a 220v outlet Install an additional or move an appliance outlet
Relocate a wall switch or outlet Repair or replace a switch, fixture or outlet
Several small electrical repair or install projects Electrical problem - troubleshoot
What type of construction is the home?
Conventional wood frame Concrete block or brick
Metal stud framing Log
What is the wall and ceiling access?
Walls must be left intact Partial wall access
All walls will be exposed Attic space above ceiling for access
Crawl space/unfinished below floor for access
The wiring in your home is approximately how old?
1-15 years 16-25 years
Over 25 years
How does it all work?
Here is how our professionals work for you.
Electrical Switches, Outlets, & Fixtures - Install or Repair

The Everycontractor matching service is a very simple three step process where you simply fill in the project details to the left, describe your project needs and your contact info.

Our project coordination professionals will contact you to discuss your project with you in order to gather the necessary information to match you to the most qualified contractor in your area.

We will then pass your information to the most qualified professional for your project. Based on how many quotes you request, we will have one or more contractors contact you about your project.

What are the benefits to using Everycontractor?

Our service is 100% Free for you to use.
You have absolutely no obligation.
We do all the foot work for you.
You save hours or even days of tedious searching and phone calls.
A real person handles your project needs.
You get the results you need.
You never pay a penny for our service.

We make searching for a contractor
Fast, Free and Easy.

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