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Q. Hello - my husband and I have a tri-level home where the basement is half-way under ground. We also have artesian springs flowing directly underneath our home (we even have a covered plumbing hole in the basement that when the cover is removed, you can see the water flowing under the concrete!). This has cause us problems in that we did seal the basement firts, then put new carpet in and now are removing it as it is getting moldy due to the springs making the basement floor so cold, so when the summer humidity hits, we have a lot of condensation. We want to put tile in now and are wondering what type of substraight we put in prior to tiling as we do have this problem. Thank you so much for any help you can give! Michelle
-Michelle, Clarkston, MI
A. Answer coming soon.
Q. How do you seal the basement walls to stop paint from bubbling up/mold from forming near the floor?
-Katina, Appleton, WI
A. Hi Katina, Water damage through improperly sealed basement walls can lead to devastating mold problems as well as threaten the integrity of your home’s foundation. Therefore, I’m glad that you brought up this important question, as it should be on the minds of many homeowners. The first step is to identify and repair any leaks or cracks in your basement’s walls or floors. Look for areas that are damp long after rainy weather subsides. Clean the area, then make a small opening (narrow near the surface, wider about ½” in from the surface); fill with hydraulic concrete. Once all cracks are repaired, you’ll want to thoroughly clean the walls and floors. Then you can seal the walls with a masonry waterproofing compound (for example, “DryStuf” which is available at Lowe’s). Seal the floors with water-based polyurethane. If, after all of this, you still find leaks (or the leaks you sealed burst open), contact a waterproofing expert – make to sure to speak with a few different contractors about the situation and get several estimates before proceeding. Best wishes to you.
Q. What type of basement is needed to build a recreation room?
-Kerry Likend, Lancaster, PA
A. Any type of basement can be turned into a recreation room! With proper planning and the right type of contractor you can succeed in building a quality rec room that your family will enjoy for years to come.
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